WDSL Apartment

Apartment Solutions

Speed (Megabits) 1 Month(s) 3 Month(s) 6 Month(s) 12 Month(s)
5Mbit Shared Merkezi Sistem85 TL245 TL460 TL850 TL
10Mbit Shared Merkezi Sistem115 TL325 TL615 TL1150 TL
15Mbit Shared Merkezi Sistem145 TL415 TL785 TL1450 TL
15 Mb / 5Mb - Game Pack-899 TL1599 TL2799 TL
15 Mb / 5Mb - Online Eğitim Paketi-899 TL1599 TL2799 TL

Features and Advantages

  • Installation and Cables are Free!
  • Low Cost
  • Fast Connection
  • Central System


Establishing a centralized internet network in your apartment provides a faster and more stable internet connection than the current internet speed at home, at a reduced cost.
There is no need for a telephone connection and the installation fees can be reduced according to the agreement to be made and the commitment you will give.

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